From Victim to Victory, A Journey to Self

By Anita Levine and Sandi Musk

About The Book

Book cover.Take your life in your own hands,
Hold your head up high,
You can and you will heal
From anything.

This is the message Sandi Musk preaches to victims of domestic abuse. A victim herself, Sandi miraculously survived a six-hour struggle for her life when her stalker attacked her in her home, beating and punching her, then viciously biting off her ear. After attempting to drown her, he dragged her to her car, intending to drive her to a remote area and kill her. While slipping in and out of unconsciousness, with her son providing the inspiration to live, Sandi managed to escape, dragging herself to a neighbor's house for help.

Scarred physically and emotionally, Sandi found a special inspiration in sculpting, an art to which she says she was guided -- perhaps by God -- to create a symbol she felt could help other victims like herself. She soon became determined to spend her life helping others. She decided to do this by founding SELF (Self-Empowerment, Life Fulfillment), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of stalking and domestic abuse. She has spoken to community groups about her work and has also counseled individual victims who need help. Her story, Stalked! has been written to help people better understand the need to help these victims.

About The Author

Sandi Musk is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice at a Michigan-based university. She completed an ongoing series of courses at General Motors during her ten-year automobile sales career, earning awards for her coursework and also the coveted Elite Team designation. Prior to her automobile sales career, she served in the U.S. Army, where she received training in the use of firearms and certification for driving heavy-duty military vehicles. She currently runs a resale shop whose proceeds help support SELF. She also supports local domestic abuse shelters, donating clothing, toys, and her time to help support their efforts. Sandi may be contacted at SELF, P.O. Box 431258, Pontiac, MI, 48343. SELF pins may be ordered through that address or via our website:

Anita Levine graduated Hunter College, New York, NY, then went on to write fiction, poetry and screenplays, winning several awards for her work, including a Pushcart Prize nomination for poetry. She has taught high school English and creative writing and has worked as a copywriter, business writer, and editorial and public relations consultant. More details about her and her work are available on her website:

(2008, paperback, 244 pages)

ISBN: 978-0-87426-074-8

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