From McEnergy to EcoEnergy
America's Transition to Sustainable Energy

By Dr. Dennis Allen Jacobs and Dr. Karen Anita Branden

About The Book

Book cover.From McEnergy to EcoEnergy examines the coming of the age of coal and the Industrial Revolution, along with the rise of large northern cities made possible by the use of coal as an energy source. It also looks at the social and environmental consequences brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Next the book examines the chaotic shift from coal to petroleum as a primary energy source and the evolution of "petroleitus." It traces that evolution through the two world wars and the major events that shaped our modern perspective. It also looks at the rise of utilities with the development of the technologies that led to the electric power grid and the construction of the natural gas pipeline distribution system.

As petroleum and natural gas supplies dwindle and gas prices spiral over four dollars a gallon, this book takes us to future energy scenarios, the technology involved in those scenarios, and the costs and environmental consequences of each. Finally, this book describes a possible sustainable energy future and offers a bottoms-up, six-step process for arriving at that future. It also looks at the social changes needed, on personal, regional, state, national, and international levels, for that shift to a sustainable future.

About The Author

Dr. Dennis Allen Jacobs is a physicist/aeronautical engineer who teaches the natural sciences at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. He joined the Peace Corps and traveled the world in the sixties and has been working in the sustainable energy area for the past thirty-five years.

Dr. Karen Anita Branden is an associate professor at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. She received her Ph.D. in sociology from South Dakota State University in 2002. She is co-chair of the sustainable campus initiative at MSUM and is currently a member of the International Scientific Committee, which is made up of engineers from around the world who focus on viable sustainable energy sources.

In 1997 both Dr. Branden and Dr. Jacobs taught in Malaysia for eight months and repeated Dr. Jacobs' world travels during the sixties. They were able to observe the environmental degradation that has occurred over the past thirty-five years. The authors live in a super-insulated home and are developing an electric vehicle that plugs into the home to supply part of their home energy. This book grew out of their personal experiences and their research over the past thirty-five years.

(2008, paperback, 174 pages)

ISBN: 978-0-87426-075-5

Price: $17.00

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