Anger, Hurt, and Resentment
Undo the Damage in Five Simple Steps

By Glenn W. Nowell, Ph.D.

About The Book

  • Loneliness/Emotional Isolation
  • Sibling Rivalry/Estrangement (especially over inheritance)
  • Chronic Illness/Pain (especially the difficult to diagnose)
  • Scars from Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse/Divorce
  • All types of Addictions
  • Bigotry, Crime, War
  • Self-Absorbed or Abrasive Personality

Book cover.These, and just about all other interpersonal and social ills, are either caused or driven by a single poison. Some call it "anger," others describe it as "hurt," but it is almost always plain ol' resentment. Of course, if your pastor or your saintly grandmother carries resentment, the word may not sound as negatively powerful as the words "anger" or "hurt." But the reality is that resentment is "anger" and "hurt" at their worst! And what's worse, most of us will go to any lengths to hold on to at least some of it. That's why we have resentment-related problems, and you can probably add to those listed above. If you need to "let it go, get over it," or just become "emotionally free," or you know someone who does (and who doesn't), the Honest Approach will undo the damage and keep you resentment free! Psychologist and Pastor Glenn W. Nowell, Ph.D., details five simple steps you can take over a gradual stress-free seven weeks that will change your life and richly impact those you care about and love the most. "Simple" doesn't necessarily mean "easy," but it does mean that just about anyone can follow these simple exercises.

Dr. Nowell provides case studies of both people who were convinced that their scars were hopelessly deep and unforgivable and people who were resentment driven without even realizing it. He recounts miracle after miracle of their transformation. In addition to being a personal self-help guide, a carefully defined timeline and discussion questions make this an excellent counseling tool and resource for Bible study and group discussion.

About The Author

Glenn W. Nowell, Ph.D., is pastor of Fairmount Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also counsels and hosts The Attitude of Gratitude Clear Channel radio program. Dr. Nowell's book Unconditional Joy was highly acclaimed by Evangelicals, Catholics, and traditional Protestants alike as a practical resource for developing personal biblically sound spirituality. Dr. Nowell enjoys resentment-free living with his wife, Michaela, and their son, Wes.

(2006, paperback, 194 pages)

ISBN: 978-0-87426-065-6

Price: $19.00

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