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Color the Green Movement Blue - A Remedy for Environmental Health

New Release: Color the Green Movement BlueColor the Green Movement Blue is an attempt to systematically remedy environmental health by establishing a culture of ecology founded on an understanding of ecosystem relationships, precepts of conservation, and a blue-collar value system.

A blue-collar value system includes the study and understanding of intelligent design as the basis of working of ecosystems, participation in angling and hunting to gain hands-on facility with conservation, and unionizing advocates into a grassroots coalition to advance environmental health through political activism.

This approach to environmental health is called "blue-collar conservation" and its undertaking is to Color the Green Movement Blue, which is a remedy for environmental health.

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Muddy Waters Wins Award For Historic Fiction

Muddy Waters Wins Award for Historic FictionCongratulations to Betty J. Vaughn of Raleigh, NC! She is the winner of the 2011 Clark Cox Award for Historical Fiction, presented by the North Carolina Society of Historians at their annual awards meeting October 22, 2011! Mrs. Vaughn is honored for her novel, Muddy Waters.

"Anybody interested in the War Between the States from a layman's view would enjoy reading this book ... lovingly crafted by an author whose heart is in the South and whose soul in in her characters. Kudos for a job well-done Ms. Vaughn!"

The Clark Cox Historical Fiction Award is presented annually to authors who have published a sginficant work of fiction based upon actual events, places, and individuals in North Carolina history.

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Beginning in 1961, Whitmore Publishing Company has selected books of merit for publication. Throughout the years, the guiding philosophy of Whitmore Publishing Company has been that books can make a difference in the lives readers choose to live. Books published by Whitmore have inspired and informed; they have taken a holistic approach in attempting to feed the intellect and the spirit; they have addressed the big questions; and they have searched in the discrete corners of the human experience.

Whitmore published Warren Adler's first novel Options. Adler, at the time, owned an advertising and public relations firm. Yet he always dreamed of being a published novelist, and, through a twist of fate, Whitmore became the vehicle by which Adler made that dream come true. After Options was published, Adler gave up all interest in his successful business career and became a full-time novelist. Consequently, he is the very prolific and highly acclaimed author of twenty-five novels, including The War of the Roses and Random Hearts, both of which became major motion pictures.

Voices of Kensington: Vanishing Mills, Vanishing Neighborhoods by Jean Seder was a book chosen by Whitmore for publication. A poignant collection of memoirs and photographs that echo the proud voices of working America in a bygone era, this book was also chosen by the Philadelphia Athenaeum. It was selected to receive the distinguished Philadelphia Athenaeum Award.

Another Whitmore title, Cherun Meru - the Tallest Angel, is the amusing and amazing tale of the adventures of an American photographer and news woman, Ruth Robertson, who left the staff of the New York Herald Tribune to live in Venezuela. The story is climaxed by an expedition the author led into an unknown part of the "lost world" jungle in the Brazilian-Venezuelan highlands. The book was used in the making of the Tepuis Film "The Living Edens: The Lost World."

These are but a sampling of the books published by Whitmore through the years. Read about other Whitmore works.

Today, Whitmore Publishing Company invites authors of manuscripts of all genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's books) to contact us to learn about how to submit your manuscript for consideration. Contact us for guidelines and information.